SL841 FIAT TRUCK IVECO 24V 4.0KW Starter Motor





24V, 4.0KW

9 Teeth, Clockwise Rotation


Starter motor to fit the following vehicles:
Your part numbers must match those listed below, if not please contact us.


Tel: 01327 876666 / 07702 662373



FIAT TRUCK 100 NC 1972-1980 8060.02 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 130 NC 1978-1984 OM8360.04.300 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 150 NC 17 1976-1979 8360.03 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 50 F10 1978-1982 8340.04.250 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 55 F10 1978-1980 8340.04.200 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 60 F10 1979-1982 8340.04.250 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 65 F10 1978-1980 8340.04.200 4.0KW
FIAT TRUCK 75 F10 1978-1980 8340.04 4.0KW
FIAT-ALLIS 645B 1980-1982 8361.05.500 4.0KW
FIAT-HITACHI EX215 1998- 5900ccm 8065.25T 4.0KW
IVECO 110-17 1987-1999 8060.25.678 4.0KW
IVECO 115-14 1983-1991 8060.4.. 4.0KW
IVECO 145-17 1986-1992 8060.25.600 4.0KW
IVECO 150-17 1982-1984 8360.05.200 4.0KW
IVECO 50-10 1979-1983 8340.04.200… 4.0KW
IVECO 60-10 1982-1987 8340.04.200… 4.0KW
IVECO 65-10 1982-1987 8340.04.200… 4.0KW
IVECO 79-10 1983-1987 8340.04.200 4.0KW
IVECO 79-14 1988-1992 8060.05.280 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 100E15 1991-2000 8060.25R.4200 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 120E15 1991-1998 5861ccm 5060.25R.4280 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 180E21 1992-2000 5861ccm 8060.45.4100 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 75E15 1991-1992 5861ccm 8060.25R.4200 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 80E15 1991-2000 5861ccm 8060.25R.4200 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 80E18 1991-2000 5861ccm 8060.45V.4000 4.0KW
IVECO EuroCargo 80E21 1991-2000 5861ccm 8060.45.4100.. 4.0KW





Before buying please check the following

The battery is in good working order

The engine earth is not loose broken or corroded

The fan belt is not loose

The wiring connections are correct and not broken loose or corroded


Items bought by 3PM shipped that day excluding weekends, tracking number sent, parcels need to be signed for.

Saturday deliveries available please call.

For overseas destinations please supply the final destinations phone number.


This unit is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should there be a fault in the unit we will replace it free of charge and refund the postage you incurred returning the faulty unit to us up to £10.00. Should a unit returned as faulty be found to be in good working order we will return it to you post free but will not refund your postage.

Prices are trade and we assume this part will be fitted by a Qualified Person.

We will not accept Labour or Consequential Loss Claims.


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